So I was quite bored and decided to make some plain brown sugar cookies. These icebox cookies were made without any eggs or dairy, but have the same taste as their non-vegan counterparts! Super cool, right? Let’s get baking. Ingredients – 1/2 cup all vegetable shortening + 1 tbsp water – 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce […]


Coffee Ice Cream

I’ve had real coffee only once in all 14 years of my life, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying its flavors. I enjoy coffee cookies and coffee candy a lot. Only the wisest know that coffee ice cream is not simply a food. It is a way of life in which we indulge and let go […]

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Red Velvet Marbled Cheesecake

It’s a delicious cheesecake – not too sweet, with a creamy texture and an oreo crust. The marbled red velvet effect makes it seem complicated, but it’s a truly easy recipe for everybody, making it a lovely dessert for Valentine’s day, or even any occasion. ( life tip: you don’t need a valentine in order to make yourself impressive desserts! ) […]

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Easy Chocolate Cheesecake

This is an absolutely delicious cheesecake with a rich and creamy chocolate filling and a chocolate topping. It’s a delightful and easy to make dessert for any occasion, and it was loved by my friends (who mostly aren’t big fans of chocolate). I’m looking forward to making and eating this again because the flavors combined perfectly!   […]

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